Surface API follow-up meetings

Rather than confusing things by overloading or re-naming the initial meeting thread, this thread is for all further meetings about the Surface API (unless it gets complex and we find separate threads preferable).

September 30 @ 9:00 UTC-4

We had agreed to re-convene today at 9am EDT (in ~30 minutes), but I realize that wasn’t written down anywhere. I will join the Zoom again (link in the HackMD) at 9am, but I won’t be surprised if people don’t show. Assuming that rescheduling makes sense, does 1 week (Oct 7 @ 9am EDT) work for everyone?

cc @larsoner @htwangtw @matthew.brett

Works for me if you still want to do it then!

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Let’s plan on next week.

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Found out I’ve got a conflict on Thursday. (Standing meeting that shifts time zones, and I don’t get invites until the week of…)

Does Friday at 9am UTC-4 work for everyone?

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Friday 9am UTC-4 works for me.

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Same here, works for me

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Same here!

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Zoom URL: Launch Meeting - Zoom

We’ll see how leaving an open room on the internet works. If Zoom bombing becomes a problem, I’ll reconsider.


Hello, I’m interested in joining these meetings as I’d like to help out the MNE folks with converting their STC format into GIFTI; there is a use case with some of the labs here.

Hi, I’ve got an analysis pipeline that relies on nilearn, and should now move to surface based formats as we want to integrate prior work from my research group, that was done in surface space. Searching for ways to use the surface files in nilearn I found that it needs to be defined on a deeper level, so I thought I might help this effort, but how do I get started with this? Are any further meetings planned?

Hi, yes, we’ll be meeting more. To see and comment on the in-progress API plan, see DOC: First pass at SurfaceImage BIAP by effigies · Pull Request #1056 · nipy/nibabel · GitHub.

The plan was to meet every other Friday at 9am US Eastern (UTC-4, changing to UTC-5 in a few weeks). This week is a bit weird for me. If Thursday ~11am UTC-4 works for people, I can do then. Otherwise might push off to next week.

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Thursday 11 AM UTC-4 works for me.

Should work for me too.

Haven’t tried this before, but this should be an event you can import into your calendars: event

I got “cannot get requested event.”

I may or may not join the meeting tomorrow as some thing urgent came up. If you have some working parts that needs testing, I can check them out offline.

Reminder of meeting URL: Launch Meeting - Zoom

I am a bit late to the party. but I would like to contribute and join future meetings.

Hi Rob,

We’ve set up a calendar and the next call will be tomorrow, 1300UTC. I believe that’s midnight in Sydney, so we can try to find a better time for future calls, though we do have European contributors that make it difficult…


I can’t make it today (I EDIT: see there’s a meeting on the calendar), but let me know afterward how I can help.