[Roundup] Collaborative agenda for ~~May 11~~ UPDATE: May 18

CRITICAL UPDATE: We are moving the call to May 18.

Topics to touch base on, in no particular order:

  • NiPreps Hackathon in Glasgow, June 24!
  • MRIQC 22.0.x release
  • VMS memory consumption, Numpy and $OMP_NUM_THREADS

Please add your suggestions below so we bring your ideas to the table.

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@mgxd do you want to write the new etelemetry plans? (cc @satra)

@eilidhmacnicol do you want to talk about MRIQC-Rodents?

  • If time permits: test-driving of SynthStrip with MRIQC 22.0.0
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Sure! I’ll cover the main changes and what still needs some work.

Yes, etelemetry updates focus on expanding usage information collected, and leveraging this information to expanding and improve the quality of queries available. Some of the goals include:

  • Creating a schema for the information expected
  • Creating a relational database
  • Designing database queries
  • Designing a python client to interact with the server