Potental contribution to MRIQC or new utility?

Hi all,

Recently I have been working on a BIDS app to automate anat and func QC and was thinking it could be usefull for the community as well.

Given fMRIprep output, it extract the mean frame-wise displacement, and compute anat and func dice coefficient between the appropriate masks.
You can check example output with QC status:

Figures generated and descriptive stats:

Maybe it fits to the scope of the niprep organization, or PR to MRIQC.

Let me know :slight_smile:

As it works on fMRIPrep’s outputs, it’d be great to PR against fMRIPrep actually. There’s been a lot of discussion about adding QC metrics to fMRIPrep and we wanted to incorporate them.

This is a +1 on my end :slight_smile:

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Referencing this thread since it had an impact on that project as well: