Integration of Python packages meeting?

This follows on from a discussion in the last meeting - is it now time to have a meeting to think about how to divide up the work and code between dicom_parser, Nibabel and dcmstack?

Zvi - would it be imposing to ask you to organize again? I’m also happy to do it…

Sorry I missed this thread -
no problem. I have a pretty busy weekend, but I’ll send a Doodle link in a couple of days.

@matthew.brett @effigies
Let’s meet tomorrow at 11:00 AM Pacific time.
Please use this link to join.

Hi @baratzz. I completely spaced and have competing obligations tomorrow. If push comes to shove, I can make it, but are there any other days that work?

No problem, Friday at 12 PM?

Yes, I can make 12pm PDT on Friday.

I have a meeting Friday morning and I still don’t know exactly when it will end, but I am guessing it will be over by then.


Rough order of package dependency:

  • nixbabel
    • nibabel
      • dicom_parser
        • pydicom
        • numpy
        • [xarray]
    • xarray

Just adding from discussion - some tasks:

Working out how to serialize an xarray image to Nifti with a JSON header extension, and then load it back again. XArray has its own JSON format (just expanding on Chris’ point there).

Review Brendan’s dcmstack PR for Nibabel, and particularly :

Discuss moving xprotocol parsing to dicom_parser.