Data format pro / con meeting - Monday 14 March, 15:00 EDT

Just to say - sorry for the delay - and the somewhat short notice, but we are going ahead with the next data formats meeting, to discuss the virtues and vices of the common in-use analysis formats.

The meeting will be at 15:00 EDT, 19:00 UTC / GMT, on Monday 14th March (next Monday, at time of writing).

The imaging formats we will discuss are:

  • NIfTI (Chris Rorden)
  • Minc (Vladimir Fonov)
  • AFNI (Paul Taylor)

The neeting format will be 10 minutes presentation per format, and then 5 minutes of discussion, followed by a general discussion at the end.

Thanks everyone for an enjoyable and thought-provoking meeting.

The recording is available here.

You will need the asscode:


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