BIAP 9: CoordinateImage API

BIAP 9 has been merged: Neuroimaging in Python — NiBabel 3.2.2+146.ga20f13ad documentation

After several months of intermittent tinkering with some different use cases and file formats, I’ve settled on what I think should be a good API for surface-based images. I’ve changed the name to CoordinateImage to reflect that the surfaces are only one source of coordinate arrays, and much of the work needed to support surfaces would apply equally to other sources of coordinates.

In particular, there’s an abstraction layer of sequences of subsets of pointsets that is used by CIFTI-2 and MNE’s STC format that can be thought of as a CoordinateAxis.

Please read through the BIAP and let me know what you think!

Implementation has started at ENH: CoordinateImage API by effigies · Pull Request #1090 · nipy/nibabel · GitHub.